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Meet The Ivy Coach

Bev Taylor is a college counseling expert and the Founder of The Ivy Coach. She is considered the leading authority of college admissions. This private college counseling veteran and former long-time high school college counselor at a Long Island high school is often interviewed and quoted by the press. The Ivy Coach has been referenced in everything from “US News & World Report” to “The Wall Street Journal” and “The Dartmouth.” If there’s an article or news segment on college admissions, chances are high that The Ivy Coach is in it.

College counseling expert Bev Taylor regularly conducts workshops on college admissions. She has presented seminars to guidance counselors and admissions officers. She has also presented workshops and seminars to students, parents, and large corporations. The college counseling expert has discussed everything from how students can find their hook to why interest matters in college admissions. Indeed, colleges want students who love them back.

She has a workshop on what not to write in college essays. Too many applicants make costly mistakes in their essays. In these presentations, she discusses how students should prepare for college interviews. She gives a very popular workshop that features college admissions case studies. You’d be amazed how many folks incorrectly predict a student’s chances. And the college counseling expert also conducts lectures on how talented students can stand out. Quite often, it’s not how you might think.

As a college counseling expert, Bev Taylor’s primary task is to match students with a college environment that fits their needs and goals. At The Ivy Coach, our private college counseling team meets with students in person. Or over the phone. Or through Skype. It’s up to our students based on their circumstances. We work with students from across the country and around the world. But where ever they’re located, count on exchanging quite a few emails with us! When it comes to your college essays, we demand excellence. And we help get it out of our students.

With our calm and nurturing approach during this stressful time, The Ivy Coach helps maintain family harmony. All the while, we’ll help our students gain admission to the colleges of their choice. In the twenty years that we’ve been in private college counseling, 100% of our students were admitted to one of their top three college choices. And 93% were admitted to their first college choice. See our We Get Results page for a complete listing of the colleges our students attend.


Read some of Brian’s most recent quotes on highly selective college admissions in “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, on the subject of the impact of connections in admissions or on the role of likely letters or in “The Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University, on the subject of how negative news coming out of a university can impact the school’s admissions statistics or why Yale’s applications are down this year or how different outreach strategies are likely behind this year’s fall in applications to Yale.

And check out how he works closely with some of the greatest writers in the world — from this show to this one, this movie, and many more.

The Ivy Coach is frequently cited in the national and world press as seen here…

  • The New York Times

  • Wall Street Journal

  • Washington Post

  • US News & World Report

The Ivy Coach has presented college admissions workshops for …

  • Peterson's Workshop
  • NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling)
  • NYSACAC Workshop
  • College Week Live Workshop
  • NCA (Nassau Counselors' Association) at Nassau Coliseum
  • Abu Dhabi Scholarship Coordination Office in the United Arab Emirates
  • ACAC Workshop
  • The Department of Education (Government of China) in Nanjing and Beijing, China<
  • Johns Hopkins University (Center for Talented Youth) annually at Columbia University