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Pro Bono College Admissions Help

Our MilitaryAt The Ivy Coach, we are committed to offering pro bono college admissions help to students of diverse backgrounds. We offer this service so that they can capitalize on their rightful edge in the admissions process as they seek to get into the colleges of their dreams. In February of 2011, we began offering a unique need-based program that helps students who qualify get college admissions help and expertise with college applications and essays. Of the students we select, all have total family incomes of not more than $60,000 for a family of four. (W-2’s are required).

Our pro bono college admissions help for those students who qualify is exactly that — free. Below you’ll find three categories of college applicants who we seek out and who seek out us for our pro bono college admissions help and expertise. Military veterans. Minority applicants. And first-generation college attendees. Read More >

Can we offer our college admissions expertise to every student who fits into the categories below? No, but we wish that we could. However, each year, we do select a few students from the categories delineated below who inspire us to want to help them gain admission to their dream schools.

From a homeless juggler who we helped get into Harvard to an Army veteran with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star who we helped get into Duke, this program is for these kinds of inspiring college admissions cases.  Just like in Ivy League admissions, we’re selective.  Every year, we have the privilege of selecting a few outstanding candidates whose stories have been inspiring and in turn will impress admissions officers. And it’s always very satisfying work for us…especially when our students receive their admissions decisions and they’re accepted!

First in Families

If you’re a high school student, did your parents not attend college? If you’re a parent, would your child be the first in your family’s history to continue his/her education beyond high school? If so, you (or your child) are a first-generation applicant. In the highly selective college admissions process, first-generation college applicants have an edge and we’re here to assist these students as they seek to achieve their dreams. How cool is it to be the first in your family to seek an education beyond high school?

Our Military

Are you a former member of the U.S. Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, or Air Force who has been honorably discharged upon the completion of your active duty military service? Or maybe you’re finishing up your active duty service and would like to begin your undergraduate studies during your time in the Reserves? Highly selective colleges don’t do nearly enough to appeal to our servicemen and servicewomen to apply. This is a grave injustice. Of the three categories of students whom we work with on a pro bono basis, our servicemen and servicewomen are typically our very favorite.

Underrepresented Minorities

This includes Latino, African American, and Native American college applicants. Also, if you are a member of the LGBT community, we’d love to help you as well! If you haven’t noticed, we blog quite a bit about LGBT college applicants. In fact, we challenge you to find a college admissions consulting firm that blogs more about LGBT applicants than us! Frankly, we challenge you to find a college admissions consulting firm that blogs as often as us! We’re committed to educating folks about the college admissions process. And we are committed to offering pro bono college admissions help to underrepresented minority applicants so that they can gain an edge in the highly selective college admissions process!